Composite Materials & Structures Laboratory at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)  has the capability of fabricating not only nano-carbon materials but also composite materials and test their properties such as mechanical, dynamic, and electrical properties and so on.



Instron E300012nd Engineering building, RM#25504Instron E3000
Thermal-CVD42nd Engineering Building, RM#25504
2nd Research Complex, RM#83501
4 Point Probe12nd Research Complex, RM#83501facility_4 Point Probe
Optical Microscope12nd Research Complex, RM#83501facility_Optical Microscope
Vacuum oven42nd Engineering building, RM#25504
2nd Research Complex, RM#83501
facility_Vacuum Oven
Mechanical stirrer52nd Engineering building, RM#25504
Mini SEM11st Research Complex Building (81305)sem
UTM for polymer11st Research Complex Building (81305)utm
DMA11st Research Complex Building (81305)DMA
ion coater11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
Frequency Response
Function Machine
11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
Contact Angle Tester11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
TGA11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
FT-IR11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
Friction Linear Tribometer11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
DSC11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
UTM for metal11st Research Complex Building (81305)caiter
Abrasive Cutting
1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
PBF Metal 3D Printer1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
High Temperature
1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
Heating Bath1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
Water-Jet1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
Polisher1Corporate Collaboration Center (85593)caiter
Single Auto Polisher12nd Engineering Building (25504)caiter
Tip Sonicator
(Ultrasonic Homogenizer)
12nd Engineering Building (25504)caiter